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Benefactors $500–$999 (Events Sponsors)
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Patrons $25–$99
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Caught between “regular” and “special,” people with learning disabilities are…

  • hardworking, loyal employees usually relegated to low-paying jobs
  • liked by many but included by few
  • well-respected but often misunderstood
  • filled with potential that is, sadly, untapped
  • invited to the game but kept on the sidelines

Adults with learning disabilities occupy a unique position in our society. While they work very hard to live “regular” lives, they face special challenges. In many cases, they have significant abilities that may be overshadowed by their dis-ability. “Special” programs are typically geared to individuals whose differences are more apparent. Yet the competitive nature of today’s world usually means that the person with learning disabilities is left out or left behind.

Step Out is a unique program specifically designed to address the needs of persons with learning disabilities. It is presently funded by parents, professionals, private foundations and donations volunteering their time and talent. All events are partially subsidized by fundraising or in kind donations. In the Chicago area, there are thousands of people whose learning disabilities have them caught between “regular” and “special.” With your help, Step Out USA, Inc. can find those people and welcome them into activities and opportunities that enrich their lives—culturally, educationally, socially. Please help us. 100% of all contributions go directly to Step Out USA, Inc.